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Buying A Private Number Plate

It is no longer used by the rich or famous, but anyone and the reason being is the way private number plates give the owners car a distinctive and unique mark. After getting the private number plate you want for your car before purchasing it, you will have to provide a nominee name.

This fee is also charged when you decide to transfer the registration from vehicle to vehicle. Applications for a private number plate can be made by post however a better option is to apply in person at your local DVLA where the transfers are completed. An updated V5 log book will be sent later from DVLA, and all that would be left is to have your acrylic number plates produced.

And once the number is given or assigned to a vehicle the rights to that registration number then fall to the registered keeper of the vehicle.This means that if you sell a vehicle with private number plates assigned to t the new owner of the vehicle acquires the rights to that registration number completely.

Holding a car registration on a Certificate of Entitlement means that you can retain the rights to the registration number without it being assigned to a vehicle. The first way you can sell your registration number is by selling the vehicle with the car registered still assigned. To add a nominee name to a retention certificate, the owner must sign Section 1 and provide the nominee name then the certificate must then be sent to the DVLA with a payment.

Once sold the number plate can be transferred vehicle to vehicle via the DVLA protocol. Investors are always looking for a new and exciting way to diversify their portfolio, and many are taking a break from stocks and focusing their attention on registration numbers.

With this in mind number plate investors are always on the lookout for the best nameplates and low digit dateless number plates.Like any other good deal, the profit of the sale of the private plate is made in the purchase price, therefore, buying cheap number plates below market value can increase the chances of making a good return.

Other good places to look are local papers, classified ads and they can also be purchased from people who are emigrating and are looking to sell their number plate quickly. These auctions see to it that 1500 DVLA registrations are sold to an audience of number plate dealers, collectors and enthusiasts.

The valuations take into account several factors including similar marks on the market, previous selling prices and popularity of the name or initials on the number plate that in the end determine the profit of the sale.

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